We accept international advertising .

For any company or individual that desires to advertise in Japan,  we will assist you every step along the way .

We have a large, multilingual team with experience in many markets. Our director Thomas Church can speak several languages including English,  French,  Slovak,  Polish,  Spanish,  Russian and several more. Please feel free to contact Thomas with any enquiries. 


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Thomas` Profile

Previously, Head of Art  and Design at Oxford Education Management Group Ltd.,

Experienced in project management, client consultation and advisement, bespoke solutions and creative design.

Supervisor and Customer Service Representative at Cineworld with many years experience within the retail sector.

Excellent customer service , communication and team-working skills.

Architectural experience in the international building sector. High level of building maintenance knowledge and practical skills.  

Excellent presentation, organization and graphics skills.


Head of art and Design , Oxford Education Group

Project management-oversight and supervision of multiple projects simultaneously in addition to focused development and detailed guidance.

Advisory role regarding company development and expansion,  with a similar service additionally being offered to clients.

Architectural design including but not limited to; office renovations, school renovations and master-planning with advisement for future growth.

Graphic design including promotional materials such as brochures , leaflets, branded items for a cohesive modern image.

Web design and management including site design, maintenance and content generation.



Please feel free to contact Thomas Church at:



 Please visit our English website at:


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